Thursday, 6 December 2012

Miss Buko Girl Janica Buhain

Filipina amateur model and blogger Janica Buhain is now making waves in the internet as the "Buko Girl" in the music video Gayuma by Abra. Last month, she was a guest of equally stunning model Karen Bordador (a.k.a. Teacher K) at

I really find her lovely, especially those sharp piercing eyes (not to mention her voluptuous body!). It is no wonder that the music video that had her in it went viral.

Miss Janica Buhain ("Buko Girl") is another living proof that beautiful and luscious Filipinas could be found among non-showbiz circles.

She has her own Facebook and Twitter (@dianejanica) account. I suggest you go add her up for daily updates about her. You may even find yourself becoming one of her legions of stalkers! I promise you can't get enough of Janica. Hahaha. And wait, she's also a blogger! Here is the address.

Here is the said viral video, which looped her short cameo (but long-lasting or is it lusting) role:

More photos of Miss Buhain (click to enlarge!). So now you know why they called the coconut (buko) tree as the tree of life!

Source: Facebook, Youtube

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