Sunday, 9 September 2012

Hot Pinay Amateur Teen Model, College Student Ann B. Mateo | Photos | You-tube Videos

Born April 16 is Pinay amateur teen model Ann B. Mateo, who is also a college student, taking BS Architecture at Techonological Institute of the Philippines in Quezon City. She transferred to TIP-QC in 2010, after enrolling at University of Santo Tomas (UST) as a BS Mathematics major in Actuarial Science.

A typical Aries (the Ram, in Zodiac), Miss Mateo is bursting with energy, ready for adventure, innovative, brave, enthusiastic, confident, full of initiative, and quick-witted.

This hot Pinay teen has posed as model for several photographers - both amateur and professional (as seen in photo below)

Ann even has a video channel in Youtube, where she sang cover versions of several several songs while playing the acoustic guitar. She's really lovely and talented!

Super Bass/Good Life (cover): 

Perfect (cover):

Secrets (cover)

She has been a guest of Karen Bordador's radio show at Monster RX and online show

[UPDATE July 2013: Here's a video of our featured singer with a mash-up with rapper Shehyee, doing their version of "Payphone" (with lyrics).

More photos of our featured hot Pinay amateur teen model, Ann B. Mateo. Click on images to enlarge!

Source: her Facebook fan page

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