This is a tribute site to all the hot, pretty and sexy Filipinas out there. No, this is NOT a dating page or community. I am only featuring the most beautiful Pinays (that's a Tagalog slang for Philippine women or girls, in plural form) whose photos or videos have astounded me as I surfed the internet.

So to those - who, like me are mesmerized by the sheer "X factor" of Filipinas - I am dedicating this site to you. I have in this side neat collection of profiles and photos of pretty Pinay Girls, which would include not just celebrities (actresses and models) but also non-showbiz babes!

As mentioned in this blog’s template attribution, I usually do not own the photos of these lovely Filipinas, using only screenshots of them ladies. I promise to credit the photographers (a close buddy of mine is a photo-journalist, trust me, I know how you feel when someone infringes your right to your pics!) Anyway. Enjoy!

(in photo to the left: actress and siren Anne Curtis)