I Love Filipina Girls [DATING TIPS]

[This page is a repost (with a little revision) from an Ezine article written by Kokoy Hermano, titled "Why I Love Filipina Girls". Because I am in totally in agreement with his views.]

I am a Filipino. And no, I am not a racist. But I find Filipina girls to be the best girlfriends, lovers and friends in the world.

Don't get me wrong, I have been dating women from different cultures being an overseas contract worker for so long. Still I find Pinays (that's a slang for women coming from the Philippines or with Filipino blood) to be really caring, thoughtful and warm. Filipina girls really have their own way of making a man feel needed and loved.

This view may probably be caused by our shared cultures.

For both good and bad, Filipina girls are mostly of Catholic upbringing - a product of 300 years of Spanish rule. But they are not too conservative and religious, having assimilated American culture (the Philippines was among its first colonies during the early 20th century through what was termed as "benevolent assimilation").

But they're not too dominant or liberated either due to the feudal upbringing, which made the demure "Maria Clara" as the standard for cultured and educated ladies.

You may want to compare them to Goldilock's porridge, not too hot, not too cold, but just about right.

So Filipina girls are sensual and passionate (like a hot-blooded Spanish Latina) but she may also be happy-go-lucky and easy going (like their American counterparts).

They also have a very light sense of humor, and can be easily drawn to laughter by the silliest of things. They smile without effort. Some historians and sociologists even point to this "defect" by Philippine culture because we tend to laugh at adversities even at times when the situation calls for more drastic measures. Too much sense of humor; much less sense of history, they say.

But, in my opinion, a courteous smile from a Filipina girl maybe all that is needed to turn a bad day into a good one. Isn't it really good to wake up to a beautiful smile? Especially if it would make you remember of what transpired the night before, right? Mind you, they're flirty, playful and not prudish in bed.

Physically, they're also very, very pretty. The ethnic beauty of Filipina girls comes from a mix of Malay, Chinese, Spanish (and sometimes of other Caucasian) blood. Not too much inbreeding so it's a good thing, says the geneticists. Their skin is brown - some call it an olive tan - that comes in various shades. Add that to a light Asian frame, a pleasant face that exudes both innocence and naughtiness and a carefree tropical attitude radiating with positivity. And you'd have one of God's most generous gifts to the heterosexual male!

Date a Filipina girl (especially someone who was raised in our 7,100+ islands)! And see for yourself if what I’m saying is true!

In photo: Pinay celebrities in bikini, Lovi Poe, Solenn Heussaff, and Heart Evangelista.