Friday, 27 April 2012

Beautiful Non-Showbiz Pinays | Pics

As you can see in my latest posts, I have been featuring beautiful Filipina girls who are not celebrities (non-showbiz). The point being, I want to show to the world that Filipinas are truly pretty whether they come from reel or real life.

Here are photos of beautiful non-showbiz Pinay girls, who have captured my interest. I wish you these pics would brighten up your day brighter. Enjoy!

I got them from a Facebook page titled "Beautiful Non-Showbiz Pinay (BNSP) Republic".

You may want to see our posts on Atenean courtside reporter Jessica Mendoza and La Sallian stunner Monika Sta. Maria (I predict they would be TV or movie stars soon but they did not start out as celebrities, right?) Just like the Pinay girls we featured.


  1. How about those UP Cheerdancers like Nesza Salvador. They're hot!

    1. I haven't heard of her. I'll research some stuff about Miss Salvador and the UP Maroons pep squad. Thanks for the info! :D