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Filipina mestiza charmer Bea Alonzo | Photos

Filipina film and TV actress, singer and product endorser Bea Alonzo was born Phylbert Angellie Ranollo Fagestrom on October 17, 1987 in Cainta, Rizal (a province situated in the east of Manila). 

She has been active in show business since 2002.  Wikipedia says her website is, unfortunately this is a link that leads to nowhere.

[UPDATE 6-5-2012: Blog reader Ruthashiels said - see comments below - that the picture below is Kristine Hermosa! She is right. I admit to negligence on my part. And as a sign of good faith, I am not altering this post. I'm issuing this update as an "erratum".]

Here she is on the cover of Metro magazine on January 2012, where she is shedding her wholesome persona to a sexier image through the Cohen diet ( 

Our beauty of a stunner graced the cover of Rogue Magazine in this photo below.  

Bea Alonzo is a charmer of a mestiza (a slang for a Pinay that has Caucasian blood), with a Filipina mother and British father. She went to Ususan Elementary School and Colegio de Sta. Ana in Taguig City, in the southern section of Metro Manila. 

At a young age of 15, she was casted in the TV drama Kay "Tagal Kang Hinintay", which launched her career into major soaps such as "It Might Be You", "Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin", "Maging Sino Ka Man". 

The lovely Pinay was then introduced as a singer through her debut album: "The Real Me" by Star Records - an affiliate of Philippine media giant ABS-CBN.  

The pretty Filipina girl gained mass appeal when she played Betty Pengson in the Philippine version of Colombian comedy-sitcom "Betty La Fea", which premiered in September 2008 and ran for six months. The show is an "ugly duckling turned swan princess" story. 

I bet the make-up artist had a hard time to turn her into a nerdy and unappealing girl. Because the alluring Pinay is really really beautiful, as shown in photos below.  

More photos of Pinay charmer Bea Alonzo!

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  1. picture on top is not bea alonzo, she is kristine hermoza.. the upper pic.. =))))

  2. I stand corrected! The photo on top is Kristine Hermosa. Thanks ruthaliehs

  3. I am not editing this post. I am just issuing an ERRATA.

  4. Yes its kristine hermosa she s the most beautiful none other than , on top pic

    1. Yeah. I really did a blunder there. They're both beautiful Filipinas in my humble opinion.

  5. [UPDATE] Bea has agreed to go "daring" on her next movie "The Mistress" with John Lloyd Cruz. The flick has been generating a lot of gossip especially with its trailer, revealing her kissing scene with Ronaldo Valdez (yes, the veteran actor who played the role of her father in the "I Love Betty La Fea" TV series!). Really mature stuff, this movie is.