Thursday, 26 July 2012

Filipina Sweetheart Kapamilya Star Jewel Mische | Photos

Ever since her discovery as the "Ultimate Sweetheart" in the GMA-7 talent search show "Starstruck: the Next Level" in 2006, Filipina actress and now Kapamilya Star Jewel Mische has acquired celebrity status especially with her supporting role in the hit evening primetime soap "100 Days to Heaven". She has even graced the cover of UNO magazine (December 2008 issue).

Born June 29, 1990 in Manila, she is also fondly called by fans as Juju, Juwi and JujuBear. Jewel Mische is also a proud probinsiyana (provincial lass) for growing up in Bulacan (a province in Central Luzon, north of Manila).

Just look at these photos, isn’t she a real sweetheart! (click on image to enlarge)

She is a mixed Asian. According to Wikipedia, her father is of German-Spanish-American descent while her mother is a Filipina. A studious lass with various fields of interests; she has studied Music at UP Diliman - the country's premier state university, Theology at the Cathedral of Praise Bible College and Aviation at the Yokota Aviation School.

Our featured Filipina sweetheart has been showcased in three television networks: as a GMA-7 Kapuso from 2006 to 2010, a guest at TV-5 in the same year; and as ABS-CBN Kapamilya star from 2010 to present.

More photos of Jewel Mische.

Source: Wikipedia, her Facebook fan page

Filipina Otaku Cosplay Sisters Alodia & Ashley Gosiengfiao | Photos

Filipinas Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao are the country's most famous cosplay (costume play) and otaku girls. They are both of Filipino, Chinese and Spanish descent. Her father, Ed, is a Filipino Chinese; while mom Mariglor is a Spanish Filipina.

The older Alodia Almira (right in above photo), whose name means "love" and "princess", is a VJ (video jock) for Animax TV Singapore. She is also one of the "Ani-mates" - the ambassadors of Animax Asia, and one of the co-host of the ABS-CBN prank show Laugh Out Loud. 

She made her mark at a tender young age of 15 (born March 9, 1988) by entering various cosplay competitions, particularly, by winning in the C3 Convention in 2003 as FFX-2's Gun Mage Rikku. 

Now she not only participates in local and international anime events, the elder Gosiengfiao sister is an image model for Globe Tattoo, Canon product, Swatch watches, Easy Phamax Wheatgrass health products and Fresh Gear jeans (with sister Ash), and Belo Skin Care.  

She continuously landed in the 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll by FHM Philippines, where she ranked #86 in 2012, #88 in 2011, #76 in 2010 and #87 in 2009. UPDATE! Make sure to grab a copy of  FHM Philippines July 2013 issue. She is their cover girl! Tweet-tweew!

Meanwhile, not far behind from her sibling's footsteps is the younger Ashley Arraiza Gosiengfiao (born December 13, 1989), who aside from being a well-known otaku and cosplayer like her older sister, is also a musician (in image below with guitar)

Ash rocks; having been in bands such as The Bestidas and Hymn of Siren. Yeah, she's really into those six-stringed wondrous instruments called guitars! BTW, she is also the product endorser of Silverworks jewelries.

The images this blog used of our Filipina Otaku siblings are screen shots.

Here are the photo credits (from top)(1) as different Sabers by Teh Lazie Photostream, (2) as Samurai from, (3) as Baroness of G.I. Joe/Cobra Commanders by Richie dela Merced, (4) as Haruhi Suzumiya, (5) with Kitty Ears by Tricia Gosingtian, (6) as Amanda Werner of Blassreiter by JM Cruz, (7) with guitar by Ash G., (8) with plant by Jared Posion, (9) as Scarlet Witch by Gabriele Valenza, and (10) as Haruka by Ash G.

Sources: Wikipedia, Ashley's Facebook fan page, Alodia's Facebook fan page

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tough Filipina Siren Jennylyn Mercado | Photos

"TOUGH" would be my word to describe Filipina actress and siren Jennylyn Mercado. Why? Because she has been through a lot and it appears her resolve is not shaken. Like the proverbial phoenix, she keeps rising from the ashes.

She was a battered child. Beaten and burned with cigarette butts by her stepfather, who was in detention but was freed by her OFW mother, who came home not to take care of her daughter but to bail out her partner. This sad moment of her life was featured in the TV show Magpakailanman on October 2004.

But that is not all. She got pregnant. Her ex-boyfriend Patrick Garcia ran off when he learned about the pregnancy. She gave birth on August 16, 2008 as a single mom at a tender age of twenty-one (21). And to top it all, she allegedly had a minor heart attack, which had her rushed to the hospital on October 2010.

Still, fans continue to love Miss Mercado. At the 2012 "100 Sexiest Women in the World" poll by FHM Philippines, she ranked 9th. Jennylyn has been in the survey's top 20 since 2004. She was also the magazine's cover girl in two issues (November 2009 and January 2008).

Her movies and TV shows are a hit with her diehard fans. Jennylyn Mercado has, indeed come a long, long way, as compared to her humble beginnings as a struggling recording artist (with Alpha Records in 1999) and commercial model before she got her big break as the winner in the reality TV talent search show, StarStruck Season 1 in 2003.

I wish her the best. She has been through so much rough times. This tough Filipina siren deserves the all the best of what reel and real life can bring.

More photos of our featured Pinay beauty! (click on image to enlarge)

Source: Wikipedia

Pretty Filipina Taekwondo Threesome

Because the global hype for the 2012 London Olympics is heating up, this blog is now featuring pretty Filipina sports-girls, in particular, our Taekwondo "threesome" - Rani Ann Ortega, Janice Lagman, and Camille Alarilla.

In 2009, they bagged the gold medal at the Taekwondo Poomsae event in the 25th Southeast Asian Games in Laos.

Where's the fighting, you might say!? Well, poomsae, for the uninformed (like me, before I read about it), is a series of martial arts movements used in training. Actual fighting or sparring is another event. I think this is like the "kata" of karate.

Our Filipina taekwondo threesome is a real treat for your eyes and heart. Here's what Eric Caruncho of the Philippine Daily Inquirer said:
"It certainly didn't hurt that the three, who are first cousins, share the same height, physique and - to be frank - good looks. Moving in perfect synchronization, they were a joy to watch".

I couldn't agree more. And it did not escape my attention that our pretty threesome is also a brainy bunch! Ortega is a Sports Science graduate of the University of the Philippines (UP). Lagman is a registered nurse; while Alarilla is a Management Economics graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University. Real gorgeous non-showbiz Pinays (Filipinas), I tell you! 

I am still searching for photos of our Olympians for the 2012 London Olympics. Hope to see more sporty beauties in the Philippine delegation and contingent! I wish you would be the batch to bring home the country's first gold medal! More images of our three gorgeous ladies of Philippines sports!

source: Inquirer Sports, Janice Lagman's Facebook page

Filipina actress, controversial cover girl Bela Padilla | Photos

It appears that Filipina actress Bela Padilla (born Krista Valle Sullivan on May 3, 1991) has risen from the controversies which hounded her last February, when her cover page on FHM Philippines was accused of racism, forcing the editorial board to withdraw and edit the issue. The cover of said mag in photo below.

In the magazine's latest 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll, she landed at the eighth (8th) spot, defeating more popular actresses such as Anne Curtis, KC Concepcion and Kim Chiu! A truly meteoric rise; she was ranked 77th last year.

In photo below, she poses as image model for clothing brand Bench.

Bela (as with most Pinay magazine cover girls and celebrities) is a mestiza (mixed Filipina). She is born to a British banker from Nottingham and a Filipina mother.

Here she poses with a fan in a lace see through dress (right).

The Pinay mestiza actress was discovered by ABS-CBN in 2008 - under the stage name Krista Valle - as a member of the Star Magic Batch 15. She was then cast in the teen TV show Star Magic Presents: "Abt Ur Luv Ur Lyf 2". She then has a minor part in the series Totoy Bato, which had her distant relative Robin Padilla in the lead role.

A change of management in 2010 had her switch channels - from ABS-CBN to GMA7, along with a change in stage name to Bela Padilla. More photos of our featured pretty tisay. (click on images to enlarge)

Sources: Wikipedia,, her Facebook fan page,