Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Valerie "Bangs" Garcia: Campus Idol Becomes FHM Favorite Hottie | Photos

From winning the "Campus Idol" talent contest in Davao City (the prime city of Mindanao region), Valerie Garcia's career skyrocketed like a NASA space shuttle!

valerie garcia, bangs, filipina

Bangs, as she became known because of her fringe hair-do, was propelled to the national stage through her exposure in TV shows such as Let's Go; Gokada Go! in 2006 and 2007.

Since then, she was also seen in the following television shows: episodes of Maalala Mo Kaya: Palda, Gitara, Cellphone; Banana Split; Katorse; Magkano ang Iyong Dangal; Luv U and several episodes of Precious Hearts Romances: Hiyas, Kristine, My Cheating Heart.

valerie garcia, bangs, filipina

In Kambal sa Uma, our featured Pinay hottie revealed her acting chops as a formidable kontrabida (anti-hero).

Miss Valerie Garcia ranked 19th in this year's (2013) 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll by FHM Philippines. For the past two consecutive years, she consistently held the 11th place in the said competition, after she was featured in the For Him Magazine (Philippines) cover in March 2010 and May 2009 (see photos below).

valerie garcia, bangs, filipina, fhmvalerie garcia, bangs, filipina, fhm

Bangs - who is this blogger's (and my gang of friends') favorite FHM hottie - also starred and guested in movies such as: Shake, Rattle and Roll 14 and 11, The Reunion, Segunda Mano, Bulong and Cinco.

More photos of Valerie "Bangs" Garcia below (click to enlarge):

valerie garcia, bangs, filipina

valerie garcia, bangs, filipina

valerie garcia, bangs, filipina, swimwear, bikini

valerie garcia, bangs, filipina

valerie garcia, bangs, filipina, bra

valerie garcia, bangs, filipina, wallpaper

Source: Wikipedia, her Facebook fan pages

Yummy Pinay Jessy Mendiola | Photos

Of course, you've seen her before.

She's the hot and yummy Pinay in the latest TV commercial of McDonald's McSpicy Burger (see video of said TVC below).

Don't get me wrong. I am no fan of fast-food. I believe them to be one of the primary causes of obesity, hypertension and diabetes in highly urbanized areas around the world.

Yet, I'm a sucker for yummy Pinay girls... So, I am now featuring Filipina model and actress Jessy Mendiola.

Born as Jessica Mendiola Tawile on December 3, 1992 in the United Arab Emirates, she has a Filipino mother and a half Lebanese half British father. Jessy studied at the Far Eastern University and has been active in show business since 2003. Now we know what beauty can come out of peculiar mix of bloodlines (just look at below photos)!

This year (2013), she takes on the role of "Maria Mercedes", a Philippine version of a Mexican telenovela of the same title, which starred the sultry (and equally stunning!) Thalia, which was followed by countless Filipino fans. Below, a promotional photo from the said TV show.

It appears Jessy Mendiola is now breaking away from the pack. She ranked 24th in the latest poll by FHM Philippines for the 100 Sexiest Women in the World.

We wish her good luck and more power to her career. In the meantime, let me give in to my cravings and grab a bite of that yummy cholesterol-filled burger!

More photos of our featured Pinay model, actress and product endorser (click to enlarge!):

Sources: Wikipedia, her Facebook fan pages

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Former Teen Celeb now Daring Model, Mature Actress Ryza Cenon | Photos

Ranking 15th on this year’s (2013) Sexiest Woman in the World by FHM Philippines is Pinay actress Ryza Cenon.  She is a former teen star, who now seems to be ready for more mature roles with her breakthrough appearance on the said men's magazine.

ryza cenon, sexy, filipina

In daring below photo, she graced its cover pages on May 2013 to the delight of her teen fans, who have matured and grew up with her through the years and are now loaded with male hormones.

ryza cenon, sexy, filipina

Born on December 21, 1987 in Gapan City, Nueva Ecija (a province in Central Luzon), Ryza Cenon was born Rhiza Ann C. Simbulan but she also goes by the nicknames Rhy and Izay. 

Here she is on "The Gaming Issue" of Gadgets Magazines. Yes, she loves archery!

ryza cenon, sexy, filipina

ryza cenon, sexy, filipina

She was first seen on TV on 2004 as the Ultimate Survivor of the reality talent show Starstruck, before on taking on various roles in the following programs for the GMA Kapuso Network: Now and Forever: Mukha, Darna, SOP Gigsters, Baywalk, SOP, Love to Love Seasons 8 and 12, Majika, Fantastikids, Fantastic Man, Dear Friend, Joaquin Bordado, Indio, Aso ni San Roque, Luna Blanca, My Beloved, among others.

More photos of our featured Pinay celebrity (click to enlarge)!

ryza cenon, sexy, filipina

ryza cenon, sexy, filipina, lingerie

ryza cenon, sexy, filipina, lingerie

ryza cenon, sexy, filipina

ryza cenon, sexy, filipina

ryza cenon, sexy, filipina

ryza cenon, sexy, filipina

Source: Wikipedia, Facebook fan page

Jinri Park: Korean model with a Filipina heart

Our dear readers may protest to this post. "Why are you featuring a Korean? Isn't this blog about Pinay girls"? But I beg your indulgence to hear me out as we include Miss Jinri Park, a model with a Filipina heart. 

Born on April 24, 1988, Miss Park is a Korean model who has adapted so much to Philippine culture and values after her family moved to Cebu (dubbed as the Queen City of South, located in the Visayas region) when she was just six years old.

She worked as a radio disc jockey for Monster Radio RX 93.1 - a local FM station. You could tune in to her at 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. during weekdays and 7:00 to 10:00 every Sundays.

Jinri also models and writes for FHM Philippines. This year (2013), she ranked 13th in the said magazine's 100 Sexiest Women in the World. In 2012, she ranked 21st. A year before that, she landed in the 79th place. Because the contest is based on a poll, it is evident that she is really making her mark with Pinoys here and abroad.  

This sudden spurt of fame could be attributed to the photobook "The Jinri Experience" by RAWR books, which was launched her as the country's first gravure idol in August 2012. Last month, the publishers released its sequel, which took a year to compile and includes 100 pages of scorching photos!

Here she is as a cover girl for Brand and Gadgets magazines (see below photos).

Not only that, she is also a cosplayer! In below photo, she poses as Psylocke for, and as Jaime of Voltes V. She is really hot and sexy, right?! (click images to enlarge)

A few years back, Miss Park went back to her Korean motherland only to feel "left out" because despite her features she is "like a Filipino inside". So this blogger would dare argue that our featured model is a true-blue Filipina.

More photos below (click to enlarge):

Source: Wikipedia, her Facebook and Twitter pages

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sexy Voice Actress, Internet Radio DJ Kara Lambingera, 93.9iFM

If you're nocturnal (like me) and you want to warm up your late nights and early mornings, tune in to disc jockey (DJ) Kara Lambingera of 93.9iFM, an FM radio station also known as DWKC that is owned and operated by Radio Mindanao Network (RMN) in the Philippines.

Who's she, you may ask. Born on June 12 (same as the country's independence), her real name is Klariz Laurelle Magboo. This half-Swiss, half-Pinay mestiza is not only a DJ but is also a voice actress.

Kara is also known for her dubbing work in Tagalog-language anime adaptations and as Ash Ketchum in animated series Pokémon (yeah, you gotta catch 'em all!).

Since 2011, her voice could be heard on the said FM radio station, which is also broadcast live and streaming through the internet in sites like these.

You can also get a glimpse of Kara Lambingera when she hosts and models at various events. She is also a print ad and a product endorser.  Here she is in a car show, in photos below.  She does great as a car show girl, right?

By the way, our featured disc jockey (DJ) studied at studied at PWU-Manila and St. Francis of Assisi College.

But let me warn you, her sexy and sultry voice can send jitters down to your... spine! What the hell were you thinking! Hahaha. Kidding! I'd better let you discover this bare and naked fact on your own.  After all, "lambingera" means caring in English.

Anyway, more photos of our talented Pinay below (click to enlarge):

Source: her Facebook fan page

Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013 Fearless Forecast : Vena Openiano and Asdis Liza Karlsdottir | Photos

The pageant season has begun with the presentation of the 31 candidates for the 2013 Mutya ng Pilipinas. At first, I was tempted to feature all the girls in this site but most bloggers have already posted about it. You could view them all here.

mutya ng pilipinas, 2013

And since I want to be ahead of the pack, I am issuing my fearless forecast for the country's premiere beauty contest, which would culminate on July 26 at the NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Two winners are to be selected in this pageant: One to compete for the 2013 Miss Intercontinental title. The other for the 2013/2014 Miss Tourism International crown.

 Well, I am no expert but am also not clueless. My “gut feel” told me that Venus Raj and Bianca Manalo would represent the Philippines at the Miss Universe pageant. And history absolved me!

Forecasts maybe as untrustworthy as weather predictions, but the odds are in my favor. One of my bet, Vena Openiano (of Laguna), has recently won the swimsuit competition! Her morena skin exudes the perfect Filipina beauty - Pinay na Pinay para sa mga Pinoy!

mutya ng pilipinas, vena openiano

The other - Asdis Liza Karlsdottir (a global Pinay representing the Pinoy community in Iceland) - is a favorite in social media circles (though the Internet has so little info about her!). We promise to do a post about her for our dear readers, after some research, of course. She won the "People's Choice Award" with 19,156 likes in social networking sites!

mutya ng pilipinas, asdiz liza kardottir, iceland

Good luck to all the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013 contestants! Here are photos of the girls' Puerto Princesa Underground river tour (click to enlarge)!

source: facebook