Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sexy Voice Actress, Internet Radio DJ Kara Lambingera, 93.9iFM

If you're nocturnal (like me) and you want to warm up your late nights and early mornings, tune in to disc jockey (DJ) Kara Lambingera of 93.9iFM, an FM radio station also known as DWKC that is owned and operated by Radio Mindanao Network (RMN) in the Philippines.

Who's she, you may ask. Born on June 12 (same as the country's independence), her real name is Klariz Laurelle Magboo. This half-Swiss, half-Pinay mestiza is not only a DJ but is also a voice actress.

Kara is also known for her dubbing work in Tagalog-language anime adaptations and as Ash Ketchum in animated series Pokémon (yeah, you gotta catch 'em all!).

Since 2011, her voice could be heard on the said FM radio station, which is also broadcast live and streaming through the internet in sites like these.

You can also get a glimpse of Kara Lambingera when she hosts and models at various events. She is also a print ad and a product endorser.  Here she is in a car show, in photos below.  She does great as a car show girl, right?

By the way, our featured disc jockey (DJ) studied at studied at PWU-Manila and St. Francis of Assisi College.

But let me warn you, her sexy and sultry voice can send jitters down to your... spine! What the hell were you thinking! Hahaha. Kidding! I'd better let you discover this bare and naked fact on your own.  After all, "lambingera" means caring in English.

Anyway, more photos of our talented Pinay below (click to enlarge):

Source: her Facebook fan page

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