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Ever-Evolving Filipina Actress Rica Peralejo

Pinay actress, singer and TV host Rica Peralejo has gone through many changes - from the cute innocent child-actress and teen star of Ang TV and TGIS in the early nineties, to the sultry "Bold Queen" of Balahibong Pusa, Dos Ekis, Tatarin and other skin flicks of mid-nineties, to Philippine cinema's "Horror Queen" (before she was stripped off this title by Kris Aquino) and "Scream Queen" in the early 2000's. Now she has a laid back image of a cool (but still a hottie!) wife.

Born as Regina Carla on March 7, 1981, Rica is part of the homegrown talents of the ABS-CBN network, also known as Star Magic. She is now married to Pastor Joseph "Joe" Bonifacio. Her acting gave her various awards including Best Actress (Luna awards for Hiba, Famas awards for Hibla, MMFF for Kutob, MMFF for Spirit of the Glass) and Best Supporting Actress (Star awards for Caregiver, Luna Awards for Tatarin).

She has starred in the following movies (from 1994 to 2008): Eat All You Can, Bocaue Pagoda Tragedy, Habang May Buhay, Takot Ka Ba Sa Dilim, Where The Girls Are, T.G.I.S.: The Movie, Silaw, It's Cool Bulol, Mula Sa Puso: The Movie, Pera O Bayong Not Da TV, Ex-Con, Balahibong Pusa, Sa Huling Paghihintay, Banyo Queen, Dos Ekis, Tatarin, Hibla, Malikmata, Spirit Of The Glass, Hari Ng Sablay, Dilim, Kutob, Matakot Ka Sa Karma, Tiyanaks and Caregiver.

Though not as well-known and well-remembered as her roles in films of the sexy and horror genres, she released several albums and singles as a singer, which include Sa Huling Paghihintay (soundtrack) in 2000, Ikaw Pa Rin At Ako in 1999 and Fallin in 1995.

Rica Peralejo is regularly featured in FHM Philippines magazine, appearing on the cover of its June 2006 and May 2001 issues and figuring in the its sexiest women poll. Here's her video on "Understatement: The Bench Underwear and Denim Fashion Show" in 2004:

Lest I forget, if you want to be updated on her day-to-day encounters with life and love, feel free to read up on her blog (yes, she personally writes on it!). You'd be surprised that aside from being a really hot pastor's wife; she's now a nature lover and climbing enthusiast!

More photos of our featured Pinay actress (please click to enlarge).

source: Wikipedia

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