Thursday, 23 August 2012

Adorable Blogger Camie Juan (Non-Celebrity Beauty)

I came across adorable non-celebrity beauty Miss Camie Juan through Nuffnang Philippines, which had her as "featured blogger" for the month of August 2012.

Who is she? Here is how she describes herself in her blog (
“I'm Camie, a 22 year old fashion design student, who is in all honesty still lost about life in general. Every day I wake up feeling different, but I end it finding a piece of myself”.
Now if you connect such self-description to the photo above, don't you agree that she has real inner beauty to match her already gorgeous looks?

I must admit, I’m a real sucker for them free-spirited and artistic non-celebrity pretty girls! Especially if she digs The Rolling Stones (the greatest rock and roll band in the world, yeah!).  I wonder, what she thinks of Mick Jagger and the boys. But that’s another story.

Now unfortunately for those who may want her as girlfriend, the adorable blogger appears to be already hooked up. She even has a “smooching” photo of her and her guy in her blog (see below image).  Alas why are the good ones already taken (you may exclaim)?! LOL.

Well, for perennial members of the lonely hearts club, you can only glance and sigh from afar while you become active stalkers of her blog a.k.a. her online diary. Hahaha!

And she is an artist! Here are a few of her sketches (some are rendered using Photoshop). Just click on images to enlarge.

As for me, I wish Camie Juan the best in her life and career. She is living proof that we could find real beauties even among non-celebrity Filipinas. So that means, hope springs eternal for those who seek what some of us may have already found.  Rakenrol! :D

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