Saturday, 19 May 2012

Photos of Real Asian (Non-Celebrities) from a Facebook page called “Modern Filipina Beauties”

I stumbled upon a Facebook community called “Modern Filipina Beauties”, a page that contained lots of photos of Pinay girls. Ah the wonders of walking through various social networking sites!

I am featuring a few of them, which has come to my liking – particularly giving attention to “real Asians” who are non-celebrities.

Here we go! Hope you like these photos.

[UPDATE 6-5-2012: An anonymous reader said - see comments below - that some of our featured girls in this post are not Pinays. I believe he/she is right. I was misinformed by the website where I got the data from. As a sign of good faith, I am not altering this post. I'm issuing this update as an "errata".]

Of course we do not mean that Filipina celebrities are “fake” or not “real Asians”. They are as real as Asian beauties could be. With this post, I intend to prove that Pinay non-celebrities could be as beautiful as their counterparts in movies and television!


  1. isn't the first one Helga krapf? (celeb)

    navy blue top is kana tsugihara (jap)

    second to last is nozomi sasaki (jap)

    baby blue bikini on beach is pauleen luna (celeb)
    finger in mouth is Anash Asia Gomez

    chick with purse is Lovi Lee (models about)

    Good effort though, but don't bs your way into blogs

  2. Wow. I was mislead by that Facebook page. Sorry. But...