Thursday, 29 March 2012

Filipina Spanish girl model Coleen Garcia (cute Pinay Tisay!)

A girl who has been stirring the bee's nest as of late is Filipina Spanish model Danielle Claudine Ortega Garcia. Coleen - born on September 24, 1992 in Mandaluyong City - is of Filipino and Spanish descent. She now resides in Paranaque in the southern part of Metro Manila. An actress who was previously signed as an artist of GMA Network in 2010, she switched camps to rival ABS-CBN in 2011. 

In this photo, she is featured in Chalk magazine.

Coleen Garcia is truly a cute Pinay Tisay! Pinay is a slang for Filipina. Tisay (also a slang) is a monicker for mestiza, which means a Philippine girl with Spanish blood. Here are samples of her photos!

Ain't she a real eye candy? No wonder this Filipina model has been chosen by advertisers as the poster girl to endorse their products. In the image below, she is posing for BNY Jeans. 

Her product endorsements are not restricted to BNY Jeans, she has also posed for beauty products Skin White, Revlon and Lewis & Pearl. Coleen Garcia has also hosted various shows including ABS-CBN's "It's Showtime" and ASAP 2012, along with roles in various TV shows. More photos of the cute Pinay Tisay!

Source: Wikipedia, Her Official Facebook page
Image credits: BNY Jeans, Chalk

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